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The Other Notes

The Death Note Crossover Bonanza!!!!

THE OTHER NOTES - The Death Note Crossover Bonanza
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The Other Notes

What is The Other Notes, you ask? Well, one day firedraygon97 and shukuun were dorking around coming up with random crack!Death Note crossovers and eventually they decided to take things a little too far. "...we should start drabbling DN crossovers just so we can see how many we can do." Needless to say, you are now looking at the result of a random comment made on a whim. >D

Some extra things we'd like to mention:
1) You can expect to see many different crossovers. And we mean it when we say that. We've already thought up some weird ideas.
2) Works may come in varying formats: drabbles, one-shots, 4 panel comics, etc, etc. Basically, it's anything goes.
3) Works will be archived in the memories for easy access; organzied by format and series.
4) shukuun would like to take this moment to say "We're not very sorry." and "We only have ourselves to blame." and that "We will not be held responsible for any brains that cease to function. XO;;"

Original image of Raito was snagged from Death God. ♥